Spray Gun

Why did we design a spray gun?

Sanitation in the Food Industry is a critical process.  We developed a product that would work in conjunction with our high-pressure pump systems to clean facilities effectively and with a 50% reduction in flow rate.



High Velocity / Low Flow rate

Every component of this spray gun was designed to maximize fluid velocity.  Velocity translates to surface impact and creates the opportunity to use less water.

Compact Design

Utilizes the 2 strongest fingers to activate. This creates a smaller design that is easier to manipulate during use.


Our design team was able to reduce the total weight by 8oz vs. competing spray guns.

The right Product
for the right process:

Two Options Available

We created 2 different flow rates to handle tasks associated with sanitation. Process equipment that is hard to reach or is difficult to clean requires more impact. We create impact by increasing the flow rate. The RED high impact gun should be used in the toughest to clean areas of your facility.   

Spray Gun
Spray Gun



Complete Sanitation System Design

Sanitation in the food industry is a critical process. In most facilities, you will have 4-6 hours to clean 4 acres of stainless steel. This is a serious task and requires serious equipment. Thomas Pump and MaxiMizer partner to create some of the best-designed sanitation systems in the world. Now with the addition of the T-1000 spray gun, our sanitation systems are even more efficient, effective and add true water savings capabilities.

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