With 50+ years of accumulated experience in pump service and repair, Thomas Pump offers highly trained Technicians specializing in maintenance and repair of pumps and pump systems.


FACTORY-TRAINED AND AUTHORIZED gives Thomas Pump’s service department the advantage of being the first to receive information on factory modifications. Our service technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If a Pitot Tube pump is in need of repair, an exchange pump can be shipped to our customers in a matter of hours.  Thomas Pump keeps several models in stock to meet the needs of our customers. This exchange program helps our customers avoid costly Plant downtime.  All of our exchange pumps carry a one year warranty against defects in material and/or workmanship


Balance Capabilities

Our repair facility is equipped with latest balancing technology. Capabilities of our equipment include up to 3,000, 48″ diameter. Our balance machine is calibrated and certified.


Why Balancing is important….

It’s no secret that severe vibration can destroy bearings, ruin shafts and potentially disrupt production. An unbalanced equipment vibrates, which leads to metal fatigue and catastrophic equipment failure.


Proper balancing will substantially reduce the need for repairs and increase the life of your pump

Customized Pump Systems

Thomas Pump can custom design pump systems to meet the requirements of your facility. From the AutoCAD drawings to the initial startup of the system, maintenance and repairs Thomas Pump is there for you.


Pump Testing Capabilities

Have your pump tested

Thomas Pump & Machinery test facility in Slidell, Louisiana, USA provides performance and NPSH test.

Pump testing reduces costs!