• Barrel and Container Pumps
  • Sanitary Pumps 3A
  • Air-operated Diaphragm Pumps
  • Mixers

Efficiency is the watchword across all sectors of industry. This is why FLUX technology is more sought-after than ever before. Be it an individual pump or a complete system, FLUX quality stands for extended service life, excellent cost-efficiency and the highest degree of safety.

Transferring Our products will move your liquids safely and reliably from place to place.
Emptying If you need it, we can empty up to 99.98 % of the liquid from your barrels, thus ensuring that the very last drop of expensive liquids are removed.
Circulating Solid particles contained in many liquids tend to deposit. Our pumps will circulate liquids to ensure a trouble free liquid transfer.
Mixing Mixing, dissolving, diluting – FLUX mixers are used for a wide range of applications – ensuring always a perfect result.
Metering By the use of our liquid meters you will always be able to keep your liquids under control.